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Super Value Huangshan 10 Days

Enjoy romantic Hangzhou, a peaceful water town famous for its beautiful classical gardens and for its heavenly mountains. Also enjoy Shanghai, the he amazing historical capital Beijing, which is rich in cultural heritage, China at its best! Destination: Shanghai, World Expo - Wuxi, Lake Taihu, Xihui Park - Suzhou "Venice of the East" , Three Kingdom City - Hangzhou - Huangshan, heavenly mountain of Huangshan - Tunxi - Shanghai
from $350

6 nights in Cairo including a full day Alexandria

1 Week Cairo. 1 Full Day Alexandria
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6 Day Paris, France

Round trip flights NYC-Paris * 4 nights accommodations in your choice of hotels in Paris,, Breakfast daily.
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8 Day Affordable Italy

Doge's Palace, Venice, * Michelangelo's David, Florence * Basilica of St. Francis, Assisi * Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel, Rome * Whisper technology enhanced touring
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6 Day Madrid, Spain

Round trip flights NYC-Madrid * 4 nights in Madrid, accommodations in your choice of hotels, Breakfast daily

Hear from Our Members

Adam & Tenille Melcher
California, USA

Adam & Tennille were always known as hard-working, goal oriented people. Adam would put in 40-50 hours a week as a commissioned salesman, and Tennille would work 12 hour days selling Timeshares in Hawaii. The couple earned great incomes in both jobs, but they both knew that in order for them to travel more and spend more time with their daughter, that they needed to stop trading their time for money and find a way to create a passive stream of income. After being introduced to GT Trends in March of 2004, Adam started building the business immediately and within just 14 short months, was able to generate enough residual income that he was able to quit his $100,000+ year job and was even able to start his own traditional sales company at the same time. When the GT Trends Manila office opened in the Philippines, Tennille finally realized just how big of an opportunity GT Trends was and in September of 2007, finally quit her $300,000+ /year job to help support Adam with his businesses.

"We love the 5-Star Treatment when we vacation, but what we love even more than the checks waiting for us when we get home is the time freedom to do what we want, when we want. GT Trends has given us the freedom we only dreamed about and there is nothing more fulfilling then to be able to share this incredible opportunity with our friends and loved ones."

Linda Tripp
Louisiana, USA

Linda Tripp owns several care giving related businesses in Monroe, Louisiana. She also has founded Angel Ministries, a nonprofit organization that assist individuals that "fall between the cracks". Angel Ministries provides care, food and many other services that meets the needs of many individuals.

She was involved with the first "Cruise For A Cause" that was begun by GT Trends and Carnival Cruise Lines, and a very big reason for it's huge success.

"There are no words to express how important GT Trends has been to me personally and for the Non-Profit that I founded in 1997. This fall we will be on our fifth “Cruise for a Cause” to the Eastern Caribbean. My Non-Profit makes much needed funds to support our many projects, such as, Hyperbaric Chambers to help people with neurological disorders such as Autism and many more.

I have been associated with GT Trends for a number of years now and I respect the perseverance and dedication that the management team of this Corporation has displayed. They have been an inspiration to me concerning their vision and leadership to attain higher goals and objectives for GT Trends. I look forward to the new and improved equipment and pay plan. I also am excited about traveling the World with GT Trends, I hope you come join us."

Terje Henriksen
Oslo, Norway

“It's great to know GT Trends commitment to the expansion of my business on a global level, having traveled to Asia and seeing first hand the Asia-Pacific Headquarters in the Philippines, I know my organization's growth, globally, will be assured.

Plus with our powerful travel consolidators we are able to get our customers great travel deals on our travel site, and they tell others so our customer base grows everyday.

We are going places with GT Trends!"

Clemencia Dela Luna Reyes
Oriental Mindoro,
Republic of the Philippines

Mrs. Clemencia Dela Luna Reyes also known as “Tita Clemens”, is a retired public elementary school teacher for thirty four (34) years.

“I am a senior citizen from the province of Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. I spent almost all of my life as a teacher with a very minimal income. When I joined GT Trends, in the year 2007, I quickly experienced financial freedom and a stress-free life as an ATA with GT Trends. I am looking forward to celebrating my 100 years old birthday in this very prestigious and great global business . . . GT Trends”

Grace Malabanan
Metro Manila,
Republic of the Philippines

Grace is an architect by profession. She left the Philippines in 1985 to pursue career in the United States. She was first exposed to Network Marketing concept in 1987 and immediately excelled in various Network marketing companies in the US. Grace was very consistent in her excellence to reach the top working with the team.

Grace has traveled extensively through various sponsored trips around the Philippines, Asia and abroad. Ever since doing business in the Philippines in 1997, her sterling effort and passion is what drives success for others to emulate.

“Timing and positioning is always critical in this business. GT Trends is in the forefront of this exciting journey, filled with adventure. This company will produce more millionaires than any other network marketing company in history. God bless GT Trends for giving our country, the Philippines a brand new hope.”

Joe Cardilino
California, USA

Joe Cardilino comes to GT Trends on a full-time basis following 10 years building large organizations for both Internet-based technology and media companies. Joe’s decision to “plant a permanent flag” with GT Trends is based upon three key advantages; outstanding ownership and management, a product enjoying explosive growth with growing demand and unsurpassed timing. Joe’s passion for the industry and belief in GT Trends as the emerging global leader in the home-based travel industry drives his desire to make a major impact in the success of every new GT Trends business owner.

Joe believes that travel as a product remains completely unique for creating financial and career stability in any economic climate. Joe brings his full commitment to building a successful organization in support of people with a genuine appreciation for this unique opportunity.

I am convinced that there is no better way to build massive economic success in today’s global economy than by asking the simple question: “Do you like to travel?”

JC Cooper
Texas, USA

“GT Trends is a dream come true!

Being that I love to travel, when I heard about this business opportunity, it all came full circle for me. WHAT an opportunity, my dream come true. To have a home business in the travel industry where I can travel the world at wholesale prices and also be able to sell travel via the Internet, where I can send someone to my website and have them to book their travel at the lowest price at that time.

WOW! This is great!”

Daryl Files
New York, USA

"GT Trends is my 3rd career and has woven a tapestry for my love of people, travel, and volunteerism. CRUISE FOR A CAUSE was created with our Charity Services Program, to help non-profit Organizations and Faith Based Communities raise much needed funds. Imagine going on a cruise with family and friends and having the resources to make a difference. Be a part of our global community of gratitude."

Mike Vining
Louisiana, USA

After a successful high school coaching career that included a state championship, Mike became an assistant coach at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. Three years later, he stepped up to be head coach and led ULM to its first NCAA Tournament appearance. Twenty-four years later, he retired as the all-time winningest coach at ULM with over 400 victories. Mike also holds the records in the Southland Conference for most conference wins and most NCAA Tournament appearances. He has been voted Mr. Basketball for the state of Louisiana and into the Hall of Honor for the Southland Conference.

Mike is currently working with the Athletic Department at ULM and competing in National Cutting Horse Association events.

"In business timing is everything, with GT Trends you are at the right place, at the right time"

Kalliani and Sreedharan

"I was first introduced to home-based businesses in 1986. At that time I did not know anything about the concept at all, but I found out how we can leverage ourselves by duplication. With the first company, more a learning experience. But I learned a lot by seeing others, reading and listening to books by other successful people. Later on I applied that knowledge in other home-based business and succeeded. When I saw GT Trends and the credibility of the company, I began right away and started building the business.

I love to travel, and travel will never disappear from the universe. So this opportunity will last as long as there is travel.

It will be a fantastic long-term journey for my family and myself."

Thank you very much GT Trends!"

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